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Your one-stop-shop for craft supplies.

Whether you're looking for a new sewing machine, crafts to do at home or looking to stock up for your business, we have a range of supplies to suit you. Here, you'll find a range of crafting equipment, materials and tools that cover everything from sewing, quilting, and embroidery to jewellery making and other arts & crafts projects!

Unleash your creativity

Are you a creative person who loves drawing, graphics, prints and the world of design? Then you can't miss Cricut Machines.

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No stress. Just press.

Which Cricut EasyPress 2 sizes are right for you?

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Has ironing become a nightmare?

Has ironing become a nightmare? What if I told you that from today you can do it in simplicity and comfort thanks to our special Ironing Press?

You can finally say goodbye to the classic iron thanks to the brand new and exclusive Ironing Press!

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Maximum comfort and high performance

Add a light or magnifying glass to your arsenal to increase the performance and quality of your work.